Welcome to the Practical Shadow

Hi! My name is Millie Blackwood. I’m an author of queer-centric horror and fantasy stories primarily geared towards the juvenile-to-YA markets.

Welcome to The Practical Shadow – a personal blog chronicling my journey of self-actualization through the practice of white witchcraft and shadow work.

What’s shadow work, you may ask? Well, that’s a question that must be answered with another question – one from me, to you:

What facets of your personality or lived experiences have you stifled in attempts to live a “normal” life? Go on, be deadly honest with yourself, if you’re able to. We all compartmentalize or refuse to acknowledge parts of our natural makeup that are deemed shameful … either by ourselves, or the people in our lives we aim to impress … or feel oppressed by.

These “shameful” parts of us can range from having a bad temper, to mental illness, to even good things like having a natural talent for art suppressed for the fact that being an artist is not “a real job”.

But these “shameful” and compartmentalized parts of us — our shadow selves — are still part of us. And when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to embrace these unconscious aspects, a beaufiful union of Ying-and-Yang situation happens . When we combine our shadow selves with the already self-realized conscious parts of ourselves, the ultimate manifestation of unconditional love takes place:

Self respect.

The practice of shadow work aims to explore and embrace these parts of us we otherwise would run away from. These parts of us appear in areas of our lives we would not expect them to, and it’s important that we sit down and be honest with ourselves — be it through journaling, spiritual practice, or seeking a therapist whose energy jives with our own.

These suppressed shadow aspects are asking for our help — they are calling to us from a space of unconscious unawareness. We may not understand how or why, or even want to listen, but our shadow selves know what we truly need in order to fully live life and step into the power of our Higher Selves.

The only way to fully realize this power is to do the work — lay down that foundation and eventually build a bridge between our Ying and Yang, one brick at a time.

While this blog exists primarily for my own personal expression and self analysis, my hope is that you as a reader will follow along and hopefully find things that resonate, things that will help you to work through your own process of embracing the shadow self.

Life is one big mystery. Our purpose here on earth is to seek truth, learn and grow, and build great things — including community. We’re in this together, so we may as well do our best to be champions for ourselves and for those we love.

Blessed be, my dear reader. Stay beautiful, and keep seeking authenticity.

Yours in spirit,
~ Millie Blackwood xo

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