The Year of Balance

“What a year this week has been.” – A meme that recently popped up in my Instagram feed. Nothing has felt more true.

I’ve been in quarantine since March 14th, after picking up mild COVID-19 symptoms preceding an unrelated doctor’s appointment, in Toronto. My day job has offered thirty days paid leave to anyone who wants it – and half the staff has (rightly so) jumped on this to take care of themselves or family.

There’s a very good chance my store will close until further notice because we are so short staffed at the moment.

People in my town aren’t taking social distancing seriously. There have been a number of break-ins (Just today I read our local noodle shop was the latest target). And people are nabbing whatever they can get their hands on in the supermarkets.

My feline companion and magical familiar, who I’ve worked with since 2010, passed away (rather unexpectedly) in my arms on March 19th. Incidentally, the first day of Spring. The day that marks Rebirth. Persephone’s return from the Underworld.

2020 has been – really – something else.

This year has affected everyone in very different ways. Yet, on a global scale, we are starting to recognize the importance and fragility of our mortality.

We are starting to recognize the importance of socialism over capitalism. We are starting to recognize the importance of nature over industry. We are starting to recognize the importance of community over class.

We are starting to recognize the importance of reaching out and asking for help, instead of suffering alone in silence.

2020 may not be the “year of manifestation” like we all hoped it would be, but it is the year of manifestation that we need. And proper manifestation comes from finding balance. And “balance” is literally dictated in the year, itself – 20|20.

Manifestation for bigger and better things never comes easy. A desire for these things comes from a place of forcing us out of our comfort zones, a place of forcing us to see who we really are and what we don’t like about ourselves and our situation.

Balance comes from a place of seeking truth, and facing that truth head on. Whether you like it or not. It forces us to find solutions to change what we don’t like about our circumstances.

What is happening now will not be the end. The global crisis we are facing is only the beginning of a metamorphosis period that is long overdue to our individual spiritual awakenings.

This is a global reset. This is a good thing.

And for many people, the uncertainty of what that means for their livelihood and for their families is terrifying.

It means a new beginning. It means coming together and relying on each other, the best we can, while the Earth detoxifies. For us humans it means stripping away all that is unnecessary and burdening our minds, souls, bodies, and egos so that we may take stock of what is truly important – what our true potential to make our lives and the world a better place looks like.

You cannot bring out the new plates of food until the platter’s scraped clean of what’s been left over. That is what balance looks like. This purge is not a bad thing. It is a necessary thing. And we will come out of it stronger, more resilient, and more in-tune with our emotions, our needs and desires, and our creative expression.

We will come out of this situation hugging each other, and never wanting to let go.

A lot of socially-conscious entrepreneurs and artists are going to be coming out of this situation, for sure.

2021, and the rest of the decade, will look very different for all of us. The world will be a very different place. In a good way. In a necessary way.

Until then, we must weather this storm and allow ourselves to be students to it. Learn who we are and what we are truly capable of. We must allow this trying time to teach us about ourselves and what the world needs from us (and each other), going forward.

Then, rebuilding from there.

That is what balance looks like. That is what year 2020 looks like.

Please, be safe.

Yours in spirit,
~ Millie Blackwood xo

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